Welcome to my world of electric cars and classic car EV conversions!

The main goal of this page is to document technical and practical aspects of classic cars conversions to electric drive. But maybe not in the most conventional way: My approach is to live the passion for cars, sustainable overland travel and adventure. So this is not all about volts, watts, and amps, but also about car culture, photography and lifestyle.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to collaborate or learn more about a project!

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Technical Projects

Learn more about all aspects of EV conversions, electric drivetrains and components. Click on the Link in the header of a vehicle to open the blog page of that specific project!

Renault 4CV This is my first and most ambitious project. A complete and reversible EV conversion on a 1954 Oldtimer. Designed to be road legal, with the most demanding technical approvals such as EMC compliance, electric and technical compliance and more.
You can also rent this vehicle for your wedding!
Renault Twingo 1
A former research vehicle for the very environmental-friendly, thermal-activated Molten-Salt battery, completely road legal, which is in the process of getting adopted to a different Li-Ion battery system in order to use normal public charging infrastructure.
Renault Zoe R240
Follow the adventure of an open heart surgery on a 2015 first series Renault Zoe R240 with a major failure on the power electronics This vehicle is back on the road and also available for rental in Switzerland.
Renault Zoe R135
Read more about Blueberry, the purple 2020 Renault Zoe R135, in the adventures section!

Renault Fuego GTS
For this 1982 Renault Fuego GTS we are planning a bit of a more invasive surgery to add a bit of fire to this beautiful french sports coupé. This conversion is still in a very preliminary planning stage.

Adventures and Lifestyle

Here we're talking about all the fun of living and travelling with electric cars. Click on the Link in the header of a picture to read more about that adventure!

Inside the barn
Here you are invited to have a look inside my classic barn in Thusis, Switzerland. Besides the electric cars there are some petrol-powered exhibits, too. And sometimes fun stuff happens here!
Travel Follow my travels all over Europe with electric cars! Problems? No Problems!
Vintage electric Picnic
Want to join in on a vintage picnic with an all-electric 1954 Renault 4CV? You're very welcome!
In this section I will show you some friends' projects.

Selected topics

In this section I will try to group some posts to different topics such as batteries, bms, inverters, motors etc. but also other related stuff. This means you will have direct access to certain areas of interest without scrolling to all the other posts of the builds.

Learn how to choose the right battery system for your electric conversion project!
Considerations on choosing the right motor for an EV conversion.