Life is an open road to me!

My name is Remi (aka: @remichanics) and the line above, taken from a popular song, comes to my mind every time I get asked to say a few words about me. And I think it describes my attitude quite well. Not only an open road, but also an open mind and heart, looking positively at all things that life throws at me. And a great passion for cars!

But at the same time I also have a great love for nature and our ecosystem and I think that it is our life-task to preserve it as best as we can. This conflict of interests follows me since I was a little boy. That's probably the reason why I always tried to find ways to align these two areas of interest.

Born in the seventies, my parents remember me drawing electric cars back in the eighties, in the late nineties I wrote my bachelor thesis on the feasibility of the deployment of electric Taxis in the city of Zurich in Switzerland and I always followed adventures such as the World Solar Challenge in the noughties. As an early adopter of the first large-scale production electric cars back in the 2010's I then subsequently found my big hobby in the conversion of classic cars to electric drive up to this day.

I am not originally from an engineering background (studied business economics in a first place, my main business interests are logistics and (sustainable) supply chain management), but would call myself a generalist and fast-learner. I can easily have a pretty profound technical discussion with an electric or mechanical engineer by now, and I always love to listen and learn. I prefer to get my hands dirty on the job rather than watching others work, so I probably would qualify as an engineer by trade. I am now even officially certified to work on high voltage systems!

Travelling is quite an important part of my private and business life, I also spend a lot of time with cars on the road and I learned a lot about reliability of cars, long-distance drives in electric cars and I love to share these experiences with you.

I share my life between two of the probably most beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland and Ireland, and I am a husband and a dad of three children in their teens.

Oh - and the Teddy bear in the pictures is my garage-mascot named Garmed.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

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