Renault Zoe R240: Range test and Battery health

Today the Renault Zoe R240 went out to the Swiss consumer magazine Ktipp for an external range and battery health test and it will stay with them for the next couple of days.

Purpose of the test is an article in the magazine on what to expect when buying an used electric car, and the different possibilities to test the battery beforehand, also outside of the official Renault network.

The Renault R240 has been chosen as it has quite a substantial mileage of about 150'000 kilometers on the clock, all cars in the test will have similar mileage to compare the results.

I can already tell with some confidence that the results will be surprisingly positive: My own diagnostics on this 2015 Renault Zoe R240 suggest a State of Health of about 90% and no noticeable drop in range since new.

The car will be back for the weekend, and I will of course let you know when the article will be published. Maybe I'll even be allowed to share the findings here with you!